Prime Satellite Broadband Reduces Prices Again

Prime Satellite Broadband, the Service Division of Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is pleased to announce that they have again lowered the cost hof satellite broadband services in the UK and Ireland

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You may qualify for a grant in some parts of England, Scotland or Northern Ireland

If you cannot get any broadband or if your speeds are less than 2Mbps and you live in an area designated for Superfast broadband, then you are entitled to apply for a voucher towards the supply and installation of a satellite broadband terminal. Once you have your voucher this entitles you to one of the services below. Contact your local or County council for details on getting a BDUK voucher.


PSB Bronze ServicePSB Silver ServicePSB Gold ServicePSB Platinum Service

All services provide up to 15Mbps down and up to 2Mbps up on a 50:1 Contended Link. The network is designed to supply an average speed of over 2Mbps down during peak periods.

With a valid voucher you only pay £24.99 Activation charge.

We have the lowest GByte Booster Charges if you need more data any month!

How do you know if you qualify

If you do not already have a voucher, contact your local council to see you qualify and if you do they will issue you with a voucher.

What to do once you have a voucher

You can select any supplier who are part of the BDUK scheme and we believe that we can provide you with the best service and customer support available in the UK. Therefore we want you to contact us on 01582 806892 or to purchase one of our services that is part of the BDUK scheme. If you wish to order one of our schemes now, click the button below and fill in the form and send to us.

What is the BDUK Scheme

BDUK stands for Broadband Delivery UK and is the Government's subsidy scheme operated by the Ministry for Culture, Media and Sport. Vouchers are issued by Local Councils, the Scottish Government and Northern Ireland Government to qualifying applicants. To qualify for a grant you have to be in a designated area and show that you are getting less than 2Mbps download on the broadband available to you. You cannot get a voucher if you have had previously received a grant for broadband.

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